Delayed in Hong Kong

Travel ?? Comments Sun 23 November 2014

Boarding in Hong Kong

One of the many sights from the terminal

I was so determined to leave the airport when I arrived in Hong Kong, I had planned everything meticulously; rush through immigration (30 minutes), take a taxi to Lantau Island (10 minutes), take the glass bottom cable car on a quick return journey (1 hour), and then rush back to the airport. I've got almost 5 hours in transit, I kept telling myself. Easy.

Leaving Perth Airport

Leaving Perth airport

That was, until, I found out that my flight leaving Perth was delayed for almost 2 hours. 'The plane was experiencing Technical Difficulties' I was told later at check-in, said in such a reassuring manner that I barely questioned said Technical Difficulties.

So here I am, sitting in Hong Kong airport, accepting the fact that I will not be able to exit the airport without most likely missing my flight to Okinawa. Instead, I walked the entire length of the terminal, decided that there was nothing really that interesting to do, and decided to have some McDonald's (don't judge me).

So, in lieu of some photos of a crazy Hong Kong Transit Adventure, you're going to have to settle for some generic airport photos.

So close yet so far

So close yet so far

Waiting to board my flight to Okinawa

Waiting to board my flight to Okinawa. I got bored of writing and so took a selfie instead

Don't look at your mobile phone

Please hold onto the handlebar and stand still while the platform moves. - Loudspeaker

Sitting here, staring at the mountainous backdrop, I'm commited to coming back one day and actually succeeding in leaving the airport. This isn't what I expected Hong Kong to look like at all (honestly, I was expecting something more akin to Singapore - small, flat, and crowded), and I'm just dying to get out and explore.

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