A surprisingly good time to go to Russia well, from a budget standpoint at least

Travel ?? Comments Tue 16 December 2014

Today whilst working, I had this website playing in the background:

Soothing music with tranquilizing flowing backgrounds; oh, and in the foreground you can watch the Rouble plunge to terriying new lows. All in real time!

In case you haven't heard, the Russian rouble has been free-falling for the last couple of weeks, losing half its value since September 1st. An insane last minute interest rate hike to 17% by the Russian central bank hasn't even managed to stabilise it - it has dropped another USD$10 in just half a day.

Whilst this is terrible news for the Russian economy, this crisis (and I feel a bit bad about saying this) makes it actually a pretty good time to be a tourist in Russia. A three course meal in Moscow (one of the most expensive cities in Europe, but arguably not that bad compared to Perth) cost around \$27-\$41 three months ago.


As of today, that's now \$15-\$23.

So, uh, I guess in hindsight we made a pretty good decision (at least for our bank accounts) to head to Russia and Siberia this winter?

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