Americana teppanyaki

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Wanting to eat some proper Okinawan/Japanese food outside of the daily bento box at OIST, Tania managed to hire the OIST car on Friday night and off we set for Ishikawa, where a booking at Grill Tacoma awaited us.

Grill Tacoma, a high end teppanyaki restaurant, is as its name suggests; a bizarre mix of traditional Japanese cooking and Americana design. Recommended by our students in our group, the chef had just moved to this more 'exclusive' location (the restaurant only has two grills and nine seats!) from his previous haunt of Jams Steak House on the other side of the central Okinawa isthmus.

When you're offered rice, ask for garlic rice! we were advised before leaving.

Below, you can see some photos of the cooking process/our amazement at the cooking process (credit to Tania for the photos).

Not going to lie, we were pretty transfixed.


Americana along the wall - Hot Wheels!


Starters - mushroom, onion and zucchini


Cooking the fish


The fish course


He cut the fish into 6 pieces for us!


Next up, sirloin steak and garlic chips


Transfixed by the garlic rice cooking technique


It tastes as good as it looks - as you would expect from something seasoned with crispy fried steak fat (so good).

When we finished, we found that we still had a craving for ice-cream (does teppanyaki ice-cream exist? mused Tania; a quick google search later confirmed that it does, in fact).

And so began our quest for ice-cream, at 9pm on a Friday night in central Okinawa.

Unfortunately, it was somewhat of a failure; we ended up at a 24 hour McDonalds.

It's McDonalds! They have to have McFlurries. Even the ones in China did! - Michael


Pondering the delicious fast food on offer

Turns out they did in fact have Oreo McFlurries (as if it was ever in doubt really), but my attention was elsewhere; specifically, at the ¥100 triangular-looking dessert.

It looks like chocolate. It has to be chocolate, right? What else would be that colour? I wondered.

Using her kanji translation app, Tania managed to translate the only kanji on the menu item.


Well, that was useful. But I was too curious, I had to try it.


Tentative first bite - savoring foreign cuisine at a McDonalds


Delicious chocolate pastry

And it... wasn't half bad.

'I'm almost tempted to have another one.'

Tania sighed, dismayed, as Michael walked over with a McFlurry, and we polished off our quest for an Authentic Local Meal™ with some factory-frozen foreign fast-food.

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