Spongebob and the birthday pig I should probably leave this blank because that pretty much sums it up

Physics ?? Comments Tue 09 December 2014

After exploring the aquarium and Kourijima earlier that day, we were invited to the 30th birthday party of Jérémie, one of the post-docs in Thomas Busch's group. The main event everyone was looking forward to was the whole roast pig Jérémie had ordered, from a local Okinawan butcher down in Naha.

Well, I was only spectating, but it would make for an interesting sight nonetheless.

We had only just arrived back at OIST around 6pm, and were instantly greeted by the sight of Jérémie anxiously pacing back and forth in the carpark, awaiting his pig delivery.

And it was quite the sight to behold. Especially since Tania had suggested making it his birthday cake, with candles atop. Singing happy birthday, with the lights off, flames flickering above a whole roast pig, was certainly somewhat surreal.


Lighting the candles


Carving the 'cake'

But the night was about to get even stranger. Because not soon after, the Spongebob party entertainer that Tara had ordered as a surprise present arrived.



Everyone came for the pig, but Spongebob miraculously managed to steal the show.


Prof. Thomas Busch getting in on some Spongebob selfie action


Turns out we couldn't resist either


Spongebob piñata


Action shot


Tara: 'Wait, where are our interns?'    Angela: 'Over there!'


Team Busch group photo with new honorary member Spongebob

It was certainly a one-of-a-kind birthday party (imagine trying to top it next year).

Happy birthday again, Jérémie!

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