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physics ?? Comments Mon 15 December 2014


Recently, OIST and the University of Tokyo signed a a memorandum of understanding, resulting in a set of informal seminars between eminent UoT scientists and their OIST counterparts. This actually took place over Friday and Saturday, and whilst I initially mourned the loss of a weekend sleep in (The morning session starts at 9!?), the physics related lectures were pretty enjoyable.

Unfortunately I missed out on the biology lectures, as they commenced at 9am on Friday (and I needed to make up somehow for my early start on Saturday), and the chemistry lectures took place whilst we were on our way to Cape Hedo, so that was also a shame.

Although it might not have made much of a difference if I had made it, judging by Angela's response later:

"Unfortunately I didn't understand a word of the lectures."

"Oh, were they in Japanese?"

"No, they were in biology!"


The program for the event

The talks I ended up going to were:

  • Beauty of Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking by Hiroaki Aihara (after discussing his multi-million dollar high energy physics experiment, one of the questions was 'is that a bit of a waste of money?' 'I hope not, since we've already started!' he replied)

  • Light-Matter Interactions Research at OIST by Síle Nic Chormaic, an interesting insight into experimental physics at OIST

  • Information, thermodynamics, and Maxwell's demon by Masahito Ueda (I really enjoyed this talk)

  • Controlling and Engineering Quantum Systems by Thomas Busch (unfortunately though the Spongebob group photo didn't make it into the slides)

All in all, it was a nice break from the occasional monotony of office work.

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